Gorgeous Platinum Jewelry: Tips to Buy Beautiful Platinum Jewelry

Are you fed up of wearing gold jewelry every day? It is the time to include some Platinum Jewelry into your gorgeous jewelry collection. Traditionally it was Gold, and then came the lustrous Diamonds and now it is the turn of Platinum. Nowadays, platinum jewelry is greatly in demand. Be it a beautiful platinum ring or the striking platinum bracelets all look just awesome. The best part with the platinum jewelry is that it goes well it all outfits and with all occasions. So, be it your daily office or an auspicious party occasion, platinum jewelry is best suited for all events. Since, it is the era of online shopping! You have the option to buy jewelry online. Today, you can find exclusive range of bracelets, rings, earrings and sets online. Online marketing has tremendously elevated the jewelry market. Platinum are forever. This grey-white metal is extremely famous in the US, Japan, China and slowly creating its route in the India as well. Platinum looks stunning of on all. If you are getting engaged and planning to buy a ring, then there would be no other smarter choice than a platinum ring for your beloved.


Golden Rules to keep in mind before buying Platinum Jewelry

Although platinum is considered as the most expensive metal but you can still get platinum jewelry in your budget. There are various factors that influence the cost of your platinum ring or platinum bracelets including design, style, weight and the gemstone. However, there are some points that you should consider before buying any platinum jewelry.



Like all other metals, hallmark declares the authenticity and quality of platinum as well. So, do not miss to check the hallmark on the platinum jewelry. Even, if you buy jewelry online make sure that the jewelry has the hallmark.


Confirm the purity content

As all precious soft metals, platinum is also blended with some alloy to attain the desired hardness. Therefore, confirm the percentage of platinum in the jewelry piece before paying for it.


Ask your Jeweller about the alloy used

In fact, the composition of alloys in your ring decides its cost. Always make sure that your ring either hasRuthenium or cobalt as an alloy. Some jewellers showcase jewelry that has cheap metal Iridium which makes the jewelry softer and dull with the passage of years.


Buy from authorised Jewellers

Always buy platinum jewelry from authorised jewellers. At authorised jewellers you find exclusive range of bracelets, rings and much more platinum jewelry. The Platinum Guild International has a set of authorised jewellers in all countries that sell quality range of platinum jewelry.


Caring for your Platinum Jewelry

All precious metals including platinum face some extents of scratches, dullness and loss of shine after some time. If you want that your jeweller looks shining all the time, then you need to get it polished from the qualified jeweller after some intervals of time. If you want to avoid scratches on your platinum jewelry, then it is advised to store it in chamois bags or jewelry box. Platinum does not require extra care. Like other jewelry metals, you can clean your platinum jewelry with a solution of soap in lukewarm water and rub it with a soft cloth. You can also get a jewelry cleaning solution from the market to clean this rare white metal. It is advised to take off your jewelry while working with bleach or concentrated chemical solution. This won’t damage the metal, but it can decolour the gemstone. Take care of these few points and restore the shine of your beautiful jewelry.


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